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True Story@@!

This is a true story, names and identities will be left out but every account is fact. There was a husband and wife who contracted Covid. The husband died and didn't leave a Will, or Trust to protect his estate. His wife was to ill to have one drafted, and fell into a comma, she was completely unable to do anything. She passed away shortly after being placed on a ventilator. They left behind a 4 bedroom house, two vehicles, bank accounts, a boat and so much more, but with no instructions on what was to be done with them in the case of unsuspected circumstances, things ended up terribly for their children. The heirs didn't have any clue what the parents owned entirely, so was completely unable to take control and make sure their parents estate and assets that they worked so hard for was taken cared of. To make an extremely long story short,..the heirs lost everything to government auctions, and attorneys. These were clients who was repeatably offered the opportunely to draft their Trust, and Will but didn't take the time to do so when they had the time. They came to Pro Se 101 to get a Guardianship for their granddaughter. They wanted to place her on their insurance policy. After getting the guardianship, Pro Se 101 offered to get their estate in order for the same granddaughter and the other siblings, but they didn't see a need at the time, now all is lost along with them. We here at Pro Se 101 erg you to think about protecting your estate, and assets when you have the chance to do so. Our services and prices are unbeatable. Don't put off what you can do today for tomorrow.

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