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Does the Court have the right to stop individuals from using the Pro Se process?

We have been hearing extraordinary news from many individuals who have decided to use the Pro Se process, (meaning draft and file their legal documents themselves, instead of using an attorney), that they are facing a very hard time when using the Pro Se process by court clerks and by the courts themselves. The Pro Se process is in place to allow individuals who can not afford an attorney, or simply want to DO IT THEMSELVES the opportunity to do so. This is afforded by every court in the United States and it's territories. However, more and more we are getting complaints that the court clerks, and other employees are not only giving pro se clients a hard time when trying to use this provided process, but sending them to attorney's, the same people they are trying to use. We would like to know how if there are others facing this horrific practice. We would also like to know your thoughts on why would this practice be in place.

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