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What is a Quitclaim Deed:

Our QuitClaim. Warranty Deed, and Deed of Gift is for those who want to transfer property between each other, or remove one from a property. It can also be used to share owner ship of property. 



What is a Gift of Deed:

A Gift Deed is a legal document that describes voluntary transfer of gift from donor (owner of property) to donee (receiver of gift) without any exchange of money. The donor must be solvent and should not use this tool for tax evasion and illegal gains. Who is eligible for gift deed?Any valid owner of an existing property can gift property. A minor is incompetent to gift a property though a guardian can accept such a gift on his behalf. WHAT is the law that governs gifts by one person to another? Transfer of Property Act, 1882.


What is a Warranty Deed:

A warranty deed is a document often used in real estate that provides the greatest amount of protection to the purchaser of the property. The deed pledges or warrants that the owner owns the property free and clear of any outstanding liens, mortgages, or other encumbrances.

     What is the difference between a warranty deed and a deed?

Let's start with the definition of a deed: “DEED: A written instrument by which one party, the Grantor, conveys the title of ownership in property to another party, the Grantee.” A Warranty Deed contains promises, called covenants, that the Grantor makes to the Grantee.


The QuitClaim, Warranty Deed, and Deed of Gift Questionnaire will automatically download upon completion of payment.


Print it and fill in the questions and email back to us at or submit using this form, for processing.


Make sure you read and include as much detail as possible. Make sure you fill in all the blanks to the best of your ability. The Deed is drafted from your words.


This is a DO IT YOURSELF process. 

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