Our QuitClaim Deed is for husbands and wives or ex-spouses who want to transfer property between each other, or remove one from a property. If you would like to draft your Deed press the QuitClaim Deed Icon. Print, fill in the questions and send back to our email address for processing. Make sure you read and include as much detail as possible. Make sure you fill in all the blanks to the best of your ability. The Deed is drafted from your words. This is a DO IT YOURSELF process.  PRICE: $150.00

Our Guardianship document is for Individuals who want to file Guardianship for a Minor Child or Children. Please print, fill out all questions and send back to our email for processing. This is a DO IT YOURSELF Process so please make sure to check your spelling and that you have entered everything you need to. PRICE $100.00

Our Last Will and Testament document is for people who want to have the security of knowing that things will be in order when they are gone. It's about having a peace of mind and to ensure that those you love are taken cared of. Don't be unprepared in such an uncertain world, DO IT YOURSELF and stay one step ahead.  PRICE $100.00

Our Probate  process is simple, press the Probate icon, print and fill out the Probate question letting us know if you are filing your Probate with a Will, or filing your Probate without a Will. Then go to our HOME page and press the Paypal icon and pay the fee. We can also accept payment using Western Union, Money Gram, or Money Once you indicate the one you need, send your response back to our email. We will then send you your Probate documents to fill out. These documents must be carefully read and correctly filled out. Once you have filled it out scan and send back to out email for processing. We will then send you your processed documents using your answers. DO IT YOURSELF and save a fortune.  PRICE $500.00

Create a legally valid living trust quickly and easily.  Protect your family and avoid the expense of probate with Seabmc's Living Trust. With Seabmc's Living Trust, you can create:

  • a valid living trust, tailored to your wishes and the laws of your state

  • children's subtrusts for property left to children and young adults

  • custodianships for property left to children

Complete your estate plan with ease! DO IT YOURSELF! PRICE $450.00

Our Custody questionnaire is for those who want to file for custody of  a minor(s). Please fill out the questionnaire to the best of your ability. DO IT YOURSELF AND SAVE.  $250.00


      Email: sea_bmc@yahoo.com

             Tel: 340-220-8733 


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